Is it me you're lookin' for

I work with brands that love doing and making the good stuff. I create fresh and exciting images for businesses that know their customers value quality, good vibes, adventure and something a little bit unique.

Are you building a brand and need website or social media content to help build a strong connection with your audience? Or maybe you’re launching some new products and need crisp ecommerce images and one-of-a-kind style ad images that fit your aesthetic and grab people’s attention. That’s where I come in!

I might be a bit different to other photographers you’ve come across. For example I love building bespoke set pieces such as mini industrial style concrete plinths or strawberry icebergs as well as sourcing unique props to make your products shine like the hero they are!

But who is this Adam character anyway? Well, gather round and let me tell you about a young boy, born and raised North of Brisbane who always wanted to be an artist (or a magician, depending on who is telling the story). But he never had the patience for painting or drawing, so found his happy place with a camera in his hand.
Adam began his journey as a photographer at 15 by creating strange and contemplative compositions and sharing them to flickr, he developed a love for experimenting with 35mm film and shooting his friend’s parties. In 2014 he graduated from The Queensland College of Art with his Bachelor's degree in Photography. Since then he has worn many hats, and when he isn’t taking photos he is out hiking up the Glasshouse Mountains, planting flowers, and learning to ride a longboard along the Redcliffe waterfront.

My vision is to help businesses and brands kiss their lousy ads, social media content and product photos goodbye! Join me as we usher in the era of beautiful brand visuals.

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